Pedestal Essentials 101

Okay, let’s admit it. We’ve all been there. You’ve yanked your ten denier tights too fast and my God, do you have the biggest ladder you’ve ever seen. Worst yet, you didn’t shave this morning, AND your tights are black not nude and now you risk looking like anything but classy.

Welcome to Pedestals 101.

We’re going to provide you with a full-proof, product must-have essentials list to come to your rescue any time, any day, so you can continue to sashay across the office exuding confidence like the brainy Greek goddess that you are.

We’re not sure why this isn’t talked about enough but come on ladies, we’ve all built up a secret mental checklist of what’s fully stocked in our pedestals. And if not, we’re here to help you.

First things first. This is major life or death saving stuff -

Tampons/pads/Wuka wear
Yes, you need spares in your drawer at all times. What’s beyond me is why most offices don’t have female sanitary products fully stocked in the bathrooms.

There’s nothing worse than feeling your armpits build up enough sweat to leave dark patches on your satin blouse.

Spare tights
See reason above.

Nail file
We’ve all been there. Whether you’re one to succumb to religious manicures or not, when a nail chips it’s annoying. You want to smooth those cashmere catching rough edges out as quickly as possible.

Shawl/poncho/big fluffy scarf
It is COLD at work. Fun fact (or perhaps not so fun after reading it) most offices set their temperature based on a very old method using the metabolic rates of men. This is exactly why we need more women in leadership positions, but we digress. Go and lobby for all-round temperature changes after you’ve invested in a beautiful shawl.

Hand cream
It’s not sexy when your hands feel like sandpaper. It doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t look good.

Lip balm/lip cream/lip stick
Chapped lips mean you can’t concentrate. Trust us, always keep a spare.

Your pre-period cramps are going to stab you in the back (which almost always feels quite literally) so make sure you stay ahead of the game with your painkillers of choice.

Blotting paper
We’re shiny AF and not in a glass skin type of way. Blot asap.

And there you go, you’re fully equipped to kill it at work. Go and crush it.