for women who don't believe in settling

Skin-first, multipurpose, multifunctioning products for women who want it all and nothing less.

GUVU means power in Swahili. We seek to raise the bar; to bring meticulously created, skin-first, high performing, consciously clean, uncompromised makeup to those who don't believe in settling.

Here, you will find more than beauty essentials for your time-strapped lifestyle, you'll find a community of like-minded, go-getting women.


What GUVU Stands For

Our Values


We live and breathe inclusivity. We stand with all the people that feel under-represented. We want you to know, here, you're never an after-thought. All of our product lines have shades that are made for all. We do the utmost to discover the most complementary skin tone match.


We care. A lot. And want you to feel all the energy, passion and effort we put into each any every formula creation, each and every design and packaging concept.


We hold ourselves to exceptionally high standards, we know you do too. That's why rather than greenwashing we aim to be super transparent about what is in our formulae. The cosmetics environment is dynamic and ever-changing. We always keep up with the latest scientific research. As more research comes to light, we omit or include ingredients accordingly. Providing only the very best.


We are big believers in we are what we eat. We realise we ingest and absorb a non-trivial amount of makeup daily. With this in mind, we make sure we exclude anything harmful in our ingredients. We only include what is absolutely necessary for the high performance of our vegan products.


We believe power stems from education. With education, we grow, we prosper, we create. There's nothing more we love to see than a powerful woman, that's why we are 110% behind educating all.

Redefining the status quo

We believe in challenge. Challenging societal norms, challenging ourselves. Only when we're out of our comfort zone do we grow.